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Hello world!

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Welcome to Dutra’s Webpage.

This website was created to help people understand economy concepts and link then with current issues around the world.

The idea is to teach slow, step by step some key economic theories, and discuss issues using and comparing theories that big economists are debating right now. The website use statistics tools and heaps of econometrics applications.

Karen is a economist graduated from Queensland University of Technology. She is currently undertaking her Master Degree at University of Queensland. She is passionate about economic resources and their value. She is a central-left wing economist with a green mentality. She believes the economy can keep growing even if we become greener and greener.  She also holds a degree in Science. Her aim is to put herself in a position where she can help spread the world what people can be taught about economy, provide possible solutions for current issues throughout dialogue and promote the exchanging of ideas.

Feel free to add contributions and encourage the debate. Let’s start talking about economy!